Intech strongly believes that quality forms the backbone of any organization. For them, it forms the bottom line for all functions and operations which helps them in achieving world-class products. Through their high-quality parameters, they exceed their customers’ expectations every single time and reinforce their trust. By using operational quality tools like cause-and-effect diagram, PDCA, check sheet, control chart, histogram and pareto analysis they leave no stone unturned in ensuring delivery of quality products of the highest order.

At Intech, customer focus and quality go hand in hand and play utmost importance. They think beyond customer satisfaction and achieve customer delight through excellence in manufacturing process and development of products. It is their proactive approach towards quality that helps them in responding quickly to customer requirements, technological shifts and price competitiveness.

Few initiatives that have been undertaken are:
1.       Variation reduction in our processes
2.       Flawless product launches
3.       Robust manufacturing system in line with the best-in-class

4.       Continuous improvement using 6-sigma methodology

Through these initiatives, they have successfully achieved customer delight and exceptional quality standards. They have simultaneously increased their competitiveness and reputation while adhering to the latest manufacturing compliances. Their focus on productivity and production efficiency has helped them reduce wastes resulting in cost reductions.

They value the voice of customer in terms of performance, quality, design and cost competitiveness. Use of sophisticated inspection and testing equipment help them to deliver right solutions to customer at the right time. Their zero-defect mentality reiterates their commitment towards quality and customer delight.