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Intech has always strived to minimize the carbon footprint of its products, manufacturing facility and supply chain operations.

The Company believes that to bring good returns in medium and long term, one has to invest in environment friendly technologies.

The company’s highest priority is the safety of its employees. It is the key pillar of manufacturing excellence at Intech. Over the years, the Company has institutionalized robust systems for proactive identification of hazards, mitigation of safety risks and safety audits. Zero injury and fatality has been achieved by designing and implementing various initiatives.

Intech follows the philosophy of Smaller, Fewer, Lighter, Shorter and Neater in its manufacturing plant. The Company has undertaken various initiatives to optimize consumption of raw material. It also focuses on yield improvement to conserve critical resources.

Air quality and stack emission parameters are monitored regularly by a government approved external agency. We make sure that the monitored values are well within the prescribed limits of the Pollution Control Board (PCB).